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Reinforcement is one of the most widely used principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) but wait, isn't that just bribery? 


While reinforcement and bribery may seem like similar concepts, there are some key differences that, when applied thoughtfully, can lead to socially significant behaviour change. This module includes examples on how to effectively reinforce your child's behaviour without giving in to bribery (hint: it's all about timing!). 


This module is presented by a BCBA and covers the following topics through a video presentation, instructor lesson plan, and glossary: 


  • What is reinforcement?
  • What is the difference between reinforcement and bribes?
  • Why use reinforcement?
  • Extinction bursts
  • Using reinforcement effectively


Interested in learning more? Check out the other videos in our caregiver education series! We recommend the Intro to ABA Bundle, which is perfect for beginners. 


Looking for additional support? We also offer individualized caregiver education sessions led by members of the TIPES clinical team. Complete our inquiry form to get started today!

Reinforcement vs. Bribes


This digital download includes: 


  • A recorded video presentation led by a TIPES senior therapist and BCBA (.mp4)
  • A written instructor lesson plan based on the presentation (.pdf)
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