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Behaviour Management

TIPES’ clinical Applied Behavior Analysis team supports individuals with a wide range of behavioural challenges. In developing an intervention plan for behaviour management, our behavioural consultants meet with families to determine their child’s needs through discussions and assessments. Following this, we will work together to collaboratively identify a plan to support the family through the identified challenges. Supports can be offered in-centre through one-on-one instruction, in the home, and/or in a community setting involving caregiver training. We do offer support in some private schools; however this is dependent on the schools’ policies. 


Our behaviour consultants work through a behaviour skills training method in which the family will receive education and training to implement clinical recommendations and maintain lasting socially significant behaviour change. All interventions are overseen by a clinical psychologist or Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Follow-up supervision is conducted by the behaviour consultant as needed. This may include weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly consultation (in person or virtual), or hands-on training (for staff and/or guardians within the home).  

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