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Looking for services but not sure where to start? Stuck on a waitlist but need help now? This video bundle is a perfect introduction to ABA and how it can help you and your family (without breaking the bank)! 


Presented by a TIPES senior therapist and BCBA, each video includes theories, terms, and examples of how to apply the principles of ABA to your everyday life. This afforable and remote service is perfect for busy caregivers who want to be involved in their child's developmental progress, whether they're at school, attending an ABA centre, or at home. 


This bundle covers the following topics through video presentations and instructor lesson plans: 


  • What is ABA?
  • Choosing Child Goals
  • Reinforcement vs Bribes


Looking for additional support? We also offer individualized caregiver education sessions led by members of the TIPES clinical team. Complete our inquiry form to get started today!

Intro to ABA Bundle


This digital download includes: 


  • Three recorded video presentations led by a TIPES senior therapist and BCBA (.mp4)
  • Three written instructor lesson plan based on the presentations (.pdf)
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