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Parent Training

The child-parent relationship is a life-long journey of learning. Throughout a child’s ABA programming, parents and clinicians must work together as a cohesive care team to support the generalization and long-term maintenance of learned skills. At TIPES, we encourage parents to engage in trainings lead by our team of clinically trained staff. Using an evidence-based behaviour skills (BST) training, our parent lessons provide tools and strategies through education, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback. Research shows that this model assists and empowers parents to become confident in supporting their child to thrive in any environment.  


It is not uncommon for parents to feel as though they lack resources in responding to their child’s challenging behaviours. Parents often mention that they don’t know how to encourage the socially appropriate replacement behaviours their child has learned in ABA therapy. TIPES parent training will help promote understanding of the function behind the child’s behaviour and provide parents with strategies to effectively respond to their child.  


Our parent training is delivered 1:1 with a clinician at home, virtually, or in-centre. Our clinicians will work with each family to help with acute challenges and support them in areas such as selecting goals for intervention, providing reinforcement, behaviour management strategies, following parent instructions, increasing skills in daily living, toileting, accepting “no” as an answer, and increasing expressive language. 

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