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When children present challenging behaviours, many caregivers have one goal in mind: "Support my kid!" But how can you make sure that the intervention plan is really benefiting your child?


Caregivers can use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to determine whether or not goals are socially significant for their child. This means that the child's goals are directly benefiting them as they develop and grow into members of society. It may be tempting to set goals for the benefit of family and friends, but this module outlines how important it is to empower your child by focusing directly on their needs.


This module is presented by a BCBA and covers the following topics through a video presentation, instructor lesson plan, and glossary: 


  • Choosing child goals
  • The importance of social significance in ABA
  • Assessing the social significance of goals
  • SMART goals


Interested in learning more? Check out the other videos in our caregiver education series! We recommend the Intro to ABA Bundle, which is perfect for beginners. 


Looking for additional support? We also offer individualized caregiver education sessions led by members of the TIPES clinical team. Complete our inquiry form to get started today!

Choosing Child Goals


This digital download includes: 


  • A recorded video presentation led by a TIPES senior therapist and BCBA (.mp4)
  • A written instructor lesson plan based on the presentation (.pdf)
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